So I was at this bitch's house today to watch the Spurs game but this bitch tio try to tell me some shit about something my brother did 10 years ago so we were going to strap it on in her back yard but i was like fuck this shit i'm going to get my ass handed to me over some stupid shit so i went home and finished watching the game there. Long story short the Spurs lost.


Heya. I sent you that anon about printing a shirt. Here it is! It’s not very exciting. lol Thank you so much (‘:

it’s so weird seeing my radiohead inspired illustration on a t shirt but it’s also v cool 
Hey Delfina I was googling some images, found this one and was directed to your tumblr: /post/21413673170/there-was-nothing-to-fear-nothing-to-doubt If this is yours, would you mind me printing this onto a t-shirt? Only for personal use. If not I respect your rights as an artist. Thankyou

yooooo yeah! if you don’t mind like posting it once you’re done, that would be cool too! 

hey everyone!

remember how I was planning to make that latin@ zine? well i was waiting around to think of a name and create a website and one day my friend Laura texted me and she told me how she wanted to start a latin@ zine as well! So I thought it would be great to enter this venture together and thus we created CHIFLADAzine!!! It’s the same concept so if you wanna submit anything, please do so at !!!!!!!!!!

I’m starting to make comics about my life experiences since I have so many weird/interesting stories. This one takes place on Halloween when I went to a party as Frida Kahlo my freshman year of college. I felt really shitty and stayed up til 5 and had a midterm at 8:20 AM and accidentally missed it. I lied and emailed my professor that my grandma died and he somehow believed me and let me retake it.